Nokia Lumia 720 #2: Design & The Superficial

Posted on May 4, 2013

In the previous post, I talked about the reasoning behind purchasing the Lumia 720 over the 520 and 620. In this one, we’ll see what it feels to be owning the Lumia 720.

When I first laid my eyes on the Lumia 720 in Youtube videos, what appealed to me the most was its aesthetic beauty. Its uni-body design is unparalleled in the price range. My older HTC Desire X was also similarly priced and you could tell that by just looking at it. In comparison, quite a number of envious people have already mistaken my Lumia 720 for its premium sibling, the Lumia 920, with some even going as far as to say that they prefer the phone I am the proud owner of.

A large part of the appeal comes from the exquisite finish where you cannot tell where the backplate ends and the screen begins. One of my friends even commented that if you see the black version of the phone, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the screen and the shell. While that may be an obvious exaggeration, the Lumia 720 really does look that good. And although it doesn’t feel too heavy, the Lumia 720 is hefty enough adding to the illusion that it is a premium phone.

Lumia 720 - Back Lumia 720 - Front Lumia 720 - Display

The only real negative which could be said of the finish is that the Matte shell is really slippery. And I mean really slippery. I’ve dropped the phone once or twice already and have been saved by my past experiences as a cricketer on numerous other occasions. If this is the case with the matte finish, I can only imagine the problems people are having with the gloss finish on the white version.

The Lumia 720′s display worried me in my research with its measly 217ppi. All my fears were quelled when I first powered on the phone. One look at the Windows Phone 8 home-screen’s live tiles coming to life was enough to convince me that the PPI count was no big deal. The display is covered with thick corning gorilla glass protection, and the thickness helps in giving the impression that the tiles are leaping off the screen, which is essentially the beauty of Windows Phone 8. If like me you’re worried about stupid numbers, then worry no further. The 720 is a much better display than the 620′s TFT.

Lumia 720 - Micro SD Slot Opening Lumia 720 & Trays

One of the things that really pleases me to no end is the tray-eject system Nokia have used for the Micro-Sim and the Micro-SD memory card slots. Nokia provides a small pin which can be used to eject the trays from the body completely. You then place the SIM/memory card in the trays and then re-insert them back into place. Once locked in, most people looking at the phone for the first time will be hard-pressed to note where the trays are. Nokia has provided the power of expandability without forgoing the beauty of uni-body design which is really classy.

That just about covers it as far as the superficial aspects of the Lumia 720 are concerned. In the third and final part of this review, I will look at what Windows Phone 8 does well while also pointing out some of its caveats. Until later, take care!